Jira: An issue tracker for developers

Like most programmers, I’ve used a range of issue tracking tools over the years to track bugs and enhancement requests in my applications and to be blunt, most of these have been terrible. Usually, I’ve been forced to use a new tool for a few weeks, then moved back to a trustworthy excel file buried deeply in a corporate network drive to keep track of any bugs I deemed worthy of tracking. This was until I discovered a product called Jira which is created by Australian company Atlassian. Jira is an issue tracking tool designed specifically for IT projects and is designed with developers in mind.

The tool itself is completely customisable. You can create issues, tasks, enhancements or something completely custom and then build specific queries to search for these items. A good example is you could create a project and have a range of sub components within that project, each with its own list of bugs and enhancements. It even has a range of agile development tools if this is what you are after. Better yet, it has a way to track issues with specific builds of an application, and even has a way to integrate itself with Bamboo (atlassian’s continuous code integration tool) and wiki (attlassian’s wiki tool).

It features some handy import tools, so if you are already using something else, you can use a built in import plugin or as long as you can export it as a csv you can use the in built csv importer to move everything into Jira.

The link below takes you to the Jira website where you can purchase various licenses of the tool depending on your needs.