Tutorial 3: JSP expressions and scriptlets

This tutorial will explain how to use both expressions and scriptlets to put dynamic content within your jsp pages.

Expressions provide the ability to include simple java within your page that is evaluated at run time with the result being output to the page. The character sequences <%= and %> to enclose Java expressions. Examples 1 and 2 from the source code below demonstrate this below.

1. Having an expression print the current date using java.util.Date()

Date:<%= new java.util.Date() %>2

2. Having an expression print “Hello World!” from a java String called helloWorld

<% String helloWorld = "Hello World!"; %>
<%= helloWorld %> <br>

For more complicated java, scriptlets can be used. Scriplets provide more complicated blocks of java code to be inlucded within the page. Example 2 above shows a scriptlet created a local variable called helloWorld. Examples 4 and 5 demonstrate this further below.

3. Having an expression print true or false when comparing variables on the server side from a previous scriptlet code block.

String result = "false";
int a = 1;
int b = 1; 
int c = 2;
if (a==b){
	result = "true";

a(<%=a %>)==b(<%=b %>) = result<br>
result-> <%= result %> <br>

String result2 = "false";
if (a==c){
	result2 = "true";
}; %>

a(<%=a %>)==c(<%=c %>) = result2<br>
result2-> <%= result2 %> <br>


4. Using the out variable to have the scriplet generate HTML. (using out, the output will appear in the HTML page. In the below exampl, you should see “out – test” displayed in the html)

<% out.println("out - test"); %>

5. Using the System.out variable to have the scriptlet gerneate console outs. (using System.out, the output will appear within the eclipse console. In the below example, you should see “System.out – test appear in the eclipse console.” )

<% System.out.println("System.out - test"); %>